Exceptional Providers

We’re proud to work with the industry’s best insurance carriers. Our trusted partners provide value to individuals and businesses across New England—with great coverage, service and competitive rates.

As an independent agency, we help you chose from our wide network of carriers. You get the plan that meets your unique needs, and peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protected.

Here’s who we work with:

The Andover Companies

  • Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Company
  • Cambridge Mutual Fire Insurance Company
  • Bay State Insurance Company

Claim Phone: 800-225-0770
Claim URL: https://www.andovercos.com/ReportAClaim.html
Policy Questions: 978-475-3300
Website URL: https://www.andovercos.com

CNA Insurance Companies
Claim Phone: 877-CNA-ASAP
Claim URL: https://www.cna.com/web/guest/cna/reportaclaim
Policy Questions: 800-CNA-2000
Policy Questions URL: https://www.cna.com/web/guest/cna/contactus
Billing URL: https://www.cna.com/web/guest/cna/billpay
Website URL: http://www.cna.com/

Guard Insurance Group
Claim Phone: 888-639-2567
Claim URL: http://www.guard.com/customer_service-claims.htm
Policy Questions: 800-673-2465
Policy Questions URL: http://www.guard.com/customer_service-form.htm
Billing Phone: 800-673-2465
Billing URL: http://www.guard.com/customer_service-billing.htm
Website URL: http://www.guard.com

Nationwide Insurance
Claim Phone: 800-892-8877
Claim URL: https://www.nationwide.com/harleysville-insurance.jsp
Policy Questions: 877-669-6877
Billing Phone: 866-665-4992
Billing URL: https://paymentshmic.billmatrix.com/Entrypage.aspx
Website URL: https://www.nationwide.com/harleysville-insurance.jsp

Norfolk & Dedham Group
Claim Phone: 800-688-1825
Claim URL: https://www.ndgroup.com/claims/
Policy Questions: 800-688-1825 Ext. 1200
Billing Phone: 800-688-1825 Ext. 1200
Billing URL: https://www.ndgroup.com/billing/
Website URL: https://www.ndgroup.com/

Quincy Mutual Group
Claim Phone: 617-770-5421
Claim URL: http://www.quincymutual.com/report-claim.htm
Policy Questions: 617-770-5100
Policy Questions URL: http://www.quincymutual.com/faq.htm
Website URL: http://www.quincymutual.com/

Safety Insurance
Claim Phone: 800-951-2100
Claim URL: https://www.safetyinsurance.com/claimsservices/claims_faq.html
Policy Questions: 617-951-0600
Policy Questions URL: https://www.safetyinsurance.com/custsupport/customer.html
Website URL: https://www.safetyinsurance.com/